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Every June and December we provide our students with the opportunity to showcase their newly learned skills at our Semi-Annual Concerts. The concerts take place in a theatre with the real stage and the real audience and contribute to the learning experience two very important attributes: ability to perform in public - real confidence builder; and stimulus to exert more efforts from the student towards learning. Even thought the audience mostly consists of participants parents, the desire to do well at the concert is tangible, real and attainable goal that provides students with just bit more motivation.

Our students consistently participate in different competitions and festivals, including Toronto Music Competition, Peel Music Festival, Kiwanis Festival, Davenport Festival and others.

Our students successfully pass Royal Conservatory of Music and National Ballet exams. These marks may be used toward high school credits.




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May 2012 Flashdance Competition

December 18, 2011 Music

December 11, 2011 Music

2011 Dance Concert

June 19, 2011 Music

June 12, 2011

December 12, 2010

December 5, 2010

2010 Dance Concert

Summer 2010 Dance Concert

Summer Concert 2010

Summer 2010 Music Concert

Winter Concert 2008

Concert 2008

Summer Concert 2008

Winter Concert 2007

Concert 2007

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